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Convention Pictures

The following pictures were taken during previous NFB national conventions of members of the NFB DeafBlind Division.


Mark Gasaway takes a break with Wanda at the 2018 National Convention in Orlando
DeafBlind Division Board member Mark Gasaway takes a break during the 2018 National Convention in Orlando and spends some quality time with President Alice's service dog Wanda. Mark is seated in a chair, smiling broadly, with Wanda on his lap. He's holding and petting Wanda, a black lab.

Jon Gabry presents his art research at the 2018 National Convention
DeafBlind Division member Jon Gabry, at left in photo, presents his research on The Value of Art through Touch at the 2018 National Convention. Jon is reading his presentation in braille using his left hand and simultaneously presenting in sign language using his right. Sitting behind Jon, SSP Jordan uses Haptics touch signals on Jon's back to provide visual information about the audience. The text of Jon's presentation can be found at


Janice and Alice at the 2016 National Convention in Orlando
NFB DeafBlind Division 2nd Vice President Janice Toothman is wearing a black&white knee length dress with a black long sleeve suit jacket. She holds her white cane in her right hand as you face the picture. NFB DeafBlind Division President Alice Eaddy is wearing a floor length red dress also wearing a black long sleeve suit jacket. Janice and Alice are standing together outside the Sebastian Ballroom, hugging each other, at the 2016 national convention in Orlando.

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