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Convention Mentoring Program

A Mentor/Mentee Program has been created by the NFB Deaf-Blind Division's Mentoring Committee to foster greater independence in persons who have both a hearing and vision loss at the upcoming NFB National Convention. As it is the Federation philosophy that “Blind persons are the best teachers, leaders, mentors, and hold the most knowledge about blindness," the same is true for persons who are deaf-blind. It is the hope and desire that persons who are deaf-blind will benefit from one-on-one mentoring support during the convention to not only have a friend at the convention and someone to share, perhaps, a meal and thoughts about the convention experience, but also to overcome challenges such as registering for workshops, getting food from a vendor, orienting to the large hotel and conference center, and becoming familiar with the accommodations the NFB offers.

We are looking for Mentors who are comfortable working with persons who have a combined hearing and vision loss during the convention. If you are interested in being a Mentor, please fill out the Mentor form and follow the instructions. Or if you’re a person who is deaf-blind but might not consider ever attending such a large convention, as you’re not sure how a person who is deaf-blind would navigate the hotel, but would like to learn from others like you, please fill out the Mentee form and return it to the email provided. Please keep in mind that Mentors are not interpreters or Support Service Providers but are meant to provide one-on-one peer support.

The NFB Deaf-Blind Division looks forward to providing an innovative mentoring program to persons who are deaf-blind. For questions, please email:


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