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Convention Mentoring Program

Are you a person who is both blind and has a hearing loss, has attended many national conventions and would like to mentor other persons who are DeafBlind? Are you a DeafBlind person who would like to teach others about hearing loss and how they live their life successfully? Are you a DeafBlind person who will be attending the convention for the first time but has never experienced such a gathering? Are you a DeafBlind person who would like to learn from other DeafBlind persons on how they get food in a large hotel without assistance, find their room, check in to the hotel, browse the tables in the exhibit hall, and/or navigate the hotel lobby?

Well then you have come to the write place, The NFB DeafBlind division is coordinating a mentoring and mentee program just designed for those who are DeafBlind who will be attending the 2020 NFB National convention in Houston, Texas. Below are applications for becoming a mentor and being a mentee. DeafBlind individuals who have been to a national convention in the past will be paired up with persons who are first time convention attendees and who are new to hearing loss. If you're willing or in need of this program, please fill out the applications below and send to the email address listed on the application.

For any questions, please email Marsha Drenth at


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